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The only thing that really matters in life are your relationships to other people…happiness is love — full stop. 

~George Vaillant, Harvard University


We mobilize the compassion and skills of friends, partners and organizations to love neighbors and strangers well.

As we look around our city, we see too many people still in need of healthy food, too many struggling to read in school, too many who are lonely and isolated, too much division and gatekeeping, and not enough understanding and curiosity.


Addressing poverty, education gaps, loneliness and fear—or any other community issue is most effective and enduring when people are known and understood. When we love well with our resources, relationships and regard for each other, we can all overcome the barriers that stand between us and living fully.


LoveWell Collective’s work is rooted in a desire to tackle community challenges by partnering with innovative thinkers and effective programs. Our hope is to bring creative vision to collaborative conversations about addressing important needs in our city. 


We welcome everyone who serves to bring your full self to this work. This is a safe space to belong and make a difference regardless of who you are, what you do, where you’ve been or who you love. We invite individuals and groups who resonate with our mission to come along this journey of learning to love well. 

Core Values




Join forces with others who share our vision to love our community well.

Use our imagination to pioneer new ideas and pathways that help people find their way through struggle and difference.


Create safe spaces for belonging around a cup of Joe.


Model and mentor a culture of healthy feedback and dissent even when it challenges power.


Keep listening, learning and talking to each other as long as there are problems to solve and people to love!




On the last Sunday of every month, LoveWell Collective provides groceries to ten families. Groceries include staples like milk, bread, and eggs and a recipe that families can enjoy cooking together. Volunteers plan, shop and help  the groceries.


This year, LoveWell Collective will expand a tutoring program for Central Middle/High School students and begin a reading buddies program for 4th and 5th-grade students at Wayman Tisdale Fine Arts Academy to help bring them on level for reading before moving on to middle school. This program includes 20 hours a week of tutoring at Central and 10 hrs a week of reading buddies at Tisdale lead by students from University Tulsa and other surrounding colleges.


In the near future, LoveWell Collective plans to open a pay-as-you-can coffee shop in Northwest Tulsa so that residents can have a safe, accessible space to get free and pay-as-you-can coffee and pastries. It will serve as a meeting space where different residents can cross paths outside their everyday bubbles. It will also be a coworking space for remote workers, provide warmth from the elements for the unhoused, and a shared space for community groups and support all coming together for connection and coffee.



The One America Movement is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization that aims to counteract toxic polarization and promote understanding and cooperation across divides. The One America Movement bridges these divides along political, religious, racial, and geographic lines by bringing people together in dialogue and collaboration. The LoveWell Collective leads a One America program dedicated to countering toxic polarization.




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